Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Newsnight Review: Less Money, Less Art?

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In this Friday's Newsnight Review, Martha and guests will be looking at how economic downturns affect the arts scene - for artists, financial backers and consumers. We want your evidence.

If you're one of those with less money in your pocket now, does that mean that you're cutting back on trips to the cinema, the theatre or an exhibition or on buying cds and books? Are you trying to go to free events now rather than pay for entertainment? And when you're worried about job losses and mortgage payments would you rather see things which deal with contemporary issues or which are just escapist fun?

The starving artist writing or painting his fingers to the bone in an unheated room has been a popular stereotype. Do you think the government should continue to fund the arts at the same level during difficult economic times or is it a good area to make cutbacks? Can economic tough times prompt better art? Will the kind of art and films that are produced, plays and books that are written change as a result of the downturn? Let us know your answers to any or all of these questions on the blog by clicking here:

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