Monday, December 8, 2008

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Car industry
The White House is close to sealing a multi-billion pound deal with US carmakers throwing them a crucial lifeline. Today, British car parts maker Wagon PLC said they had gone into administration. There are 850,000 jobs in the British car industry. And sales this year are down 36%. Some foreign-owned companies based here have asked the British government for financial help. Should we be giving assistance to industry as well as the banks? And what is the future of the car industry here?

Damien Green
Michael Crick is watching the debate in the House of Commons over the police raid on Damien Green's office. He'll have the latest on the position of the speaker and Sir Menzies Campbell's amendment calling for an inquiry now.

Russian Economy
We have a fascinating film from Rupert Wingfield-Hayes from Magnitogorsk, Russia's biggest steel works. Built by Stalin, it supports the local economy. Output has temporarily been cut by a third. But the Russian authorities are adamant that news of the failing economy won't get out. Stalin would be proud. As Rupert tried to get to the heart of the story he was tailed by the FSB.

Credit Crunch Christmas
Our cultural correspondent Steve Smith has been looking at what a Christmas recession might look like. You can get a sneak preview of it in his article here: And we'll be debating whether these hard times have made us re-assess our values, to forgo materialism.

It's Jeremy, and he's in festive spirit.

See you at 10:30

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