Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Drama in the House
We'll let you decide how impressive speaker Michael Martin's performance was as he tried to explain to a packed House of Commons why police were allowed into Parliament to investigate the offices of the Conservative frontbencher, Damian Green, arrested during a police leak inquiry. Suffice to say, his admission that the House authorities did not even ask the police for a warrant before they entered Parliament was met with incredulity by some MPs. So, can the Speaker survive, and will the House of Commons ever have the same relationship with the police again? Jeremy will interview the Leader of the House, and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman.

Mortgage Help Plan
After a fairly predictable Queen's Speech, Gordon Brown announced a fascinating new plan to help people struggling with mortgage payments. Householders facing repossession will be able to defer part of their mortgage interest payments for up to two years. The plan is designed to give those who lose their jobs or take a big cut in their income an extended breathing space before their home is at risk. The scheme will cover mortgages worth up to £400,000, the BBC understands. But what proportion of payments will be covered by the scheme, and is it as generous as it first appears? We'll try to find out the answers.

The Problem With Bill...
Barack Obama unveiled another new appointment today, yet the new face was familiar to many in Washington. Bill Richardson, who will be the new Commerce Secretary, is another retread from the Clinton years. The Clintons themselves are once again the talk of DC, after Hillary was officially chosen to be the new Secretary of State on Monday. Peter Marshall has been investigating what problems the Clintons could bring to the new administration. In particular, could there be conflicts of interest between Bill's "charities", the donors and Hillary's new job? We have an interview with Democrat Party Chair and former Presidential candidate, Howard Dean.

All that coming up tonight with Jeremy at 10.30.

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A former Guantanamo Bay prosecutor tells how concerns over treatment of inmates and evidence led him to resign

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