Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Irish Referendum
"If at first you don't succeed try, try again" - that is clearly the EU Commission President's attitude to Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Insulting? Arrogant? Realpolitik? When the Irish voted no in June, President Sarkozy (France holds the Presidency) said there would have to be another referendum, and so it will be after a little "tweaking" of the terms. It looks as if Ireland will have assurances on its military neutrality, independence over abortion and family law - not materially affected by the Lisbon Treaty - but what about the big demand - will Ireland have its own EU Commissioner? Tonight we'll be asking the President of the European Parliament what happens if Ireland votes no again? Will the Treaty be abandoned or will Ireland be booted out?

European Economies
Still with fractiousness in Europe? There may have been a certain froideur between the UK and Germany at the EU summit today, where the agenda will be dominated by EU wide efforts to beat the recession. After all it's not every day that such a direct and jeering criticism is made of one member by another, but Gordon Brown's strategy for dealing with the economic crisis has been mocked by Germany's Finance minister who dubbed it "crass Keynesianism" that would saddle Britons with debt for a generation. The plunging pound today will not have helped the atmosphere.

We have a special investigation into gang violence on the streets of Edmonton, north London, where three teenagers have lost their lives this year. We speak to a man with inside knowledge, who gives a chilling account of how children as young as 11 years old are recruited and groomed by gang leaders.

Restoration Comedy
And the holy grail of British comedy. How a Dad's Army classic has been resurrected in glorious technicolour.

Join us at 10.30pm.


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In the second of our series, we return to Leicester to asks what Christmas means to young people in care.

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