Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Clear Blue Water
Government spending needs to be brought under control now, and not at some future date, the Conservative leader said today, promising not to match Labour's spending plans for 2010 and beyond. Immediately, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, accused the Tories of "unbelievable complacency" and challenged Mr Cameron to make clear where spending cuts would fall. The political strategy of both sides is now clear, and the stakes could hardly be higher. But which side has correctly judged the public mood - the high spending Government or the fiscally conservative Tories? Jeremy will be speaking to the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne.

Cancer and genetic screening
We hear almost daily about how a particular diet or foodstuff can help to fight cancer, but a far more effective way of fighting the killer disease may lie in genetic screening and personalised treatments. Do our genes hold the key? Our Science Editor Susan Watts reports.

Olympic Funding
In these straightened economic times the Olympic budget is becoming ever more stretched, and the chances of attracting private money for the Games increasingly slight. The BBC's Sports Editor Mihir Bose has the inside story on how the 2012 budget ballooned and how the long-term "legacy" of the Olympics could be in doubt .

And the extraordinary life of Bagpuss creator and subversive, Oliver Postgate...

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