Thursday, November 27, 2008

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"This is a horrific incident which has shocked and outraged people around the world" - Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the Mumbai terror attacks.

Who did it and why? We'll have the latest on the terrorist attacks and the hostage situation, plus analysis of the kind of groups who may have carried out these attacks. And the big question: was this internal terrorism or an attack given support from outside India's borders as the Prime Minister of India claims?
We will also discuss the future of India after this major terror attack.

Gulf rich nations are ploughing money into Sudan - using their fertile land to grow food for their people. This at a time when the people of Darfur are starving and relying on handouts from the international community.

Baby P
Barnardo's - which has promoted its cause recently using some very shocking and arresting advertisements - is now claiming that had Baby P lived he would have been fated to become a "feral child". Beyond the shock value of this statement, is there something to the wider argument that in many developed countries there remains a group of families in a continual cycle of poverty and abuse, where those who do the abusing have themselves been scarred by some history of childhood abuse? We'll debate.


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