Friday, January 9, 2009

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From Mark Urban in Jerusalem:
Moving around Israel you find a country largely insulated from the international condemnation of their campaign in Gaza. People are either unaware of the emotions triggered elsewhere or believe the security of their own people is more important. I've been trying to discover whether this spirit of defiance means that calls for a ceasefire will continue to be defied or whether the war in Gaza will soon end.

Gavin's presenting in London tonight, and he should be in a cab right now on his way, hopefully, to talk to one of the key diplomatic figures in this conflict.

We'll also be asking who's winning the media war.

Newsnight Review
Martha's got details of tonight's Newsnight Review below which is devoted to a trio of new film releases.

Join us tonight at 10.30pm.

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BBC journalist Alan Johnston lived in Gaza for three years reporting on its conflict before being kidnapped and held hostage there for almost four months in 2007.

Through his many contacts there he has been piecing together the impact that the Israeli military assault is having on Hamas.

newsnight review

The Wrestler

When I used to fantasize about meeting Mickey Rourke, we'd be playing pool in a Hollywood dive or drinking shots in a New York bar. When the encounter finally happened, it wasn't exactly 9 ½ weeks - more like Pets Win Prizes.

I was going to interview him about his comeback role in The Wrestler. It was one of those occasionally frustrating hotel "junkets" where you get exactly five minutes to sit down in front of the movie company's cameras and when stars can sometimes tend to spout their highly rehearsed sound bites. Mickey Rourke had changed a touch since the eighties. Hard drinking, brawling, professional boxing and a lot of corrective surgery doesn't do a great deal for the complexion.

I said hello but then admitted that I was rather disappointed. "Why?" Rourke demanded. "Because I wanted to see Loki in her tracksuit" (she's his pet Chihuahua). He leapt from his chair and dashed out, to the consternation of the timekeepers. Rourke returned with Loki and sat stroking her throughout the interview. A truly magical moment - Hollywood's baddest boy behaving like Julian Clary. Still worth tuning in for, surely.

Slumdog Millionaire

Also in the show we'll be reviewing Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle's new film. He tells me he's uncomfortable with the publicity campaign which calls it "the feel good move of the decade".

The Reader
And we'll also be discussing The Reader which has got Kate Winslet strongly tipped for an Oscar - I've been speaking to director Stephen Daldry about why he doesn't regard it as a "holocaust movie".

Do join my guests tonight - Mark Kermode, Rosie Boycott and David Schneider.

What will be your cultural highlights of 2009?
And we'll be looking ahead to some of the potential of cultural highlights 2009 - tell us what you're looking forward to on the Review blog and find out what other viewers are excited about.


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