Monday, September 7, 2009

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Monday 7 September 2230 BST - BBC Two
Presented by Gavin Esler

"You have persisted in trying to humiliate us, kill us and destroy us. Sheikh Osama warned you many times to leave our lands or you will be destroyed, and now the time has come for you to be destroyed."

That was the chilling warning in a video prepared by Abdulla Ahmed Ali, one of three men convicted of attempted murder today by a jury at Woolwich Crown Court.

Along with Tanvir Hussain and Assad Sarwar, Ali plotted to kill thousands of people by blowing up planes over the Atlantic with home-made liquid bombs disguised as drinks. Four other men were found not guilty of involvement in the airline plot.

Tonight, Richard Watson will be reporting on the plot, the intelligence operation, the trial and perhaps most importantly, on whether such a plot could happen again.

Also tonight, Jerusalem correspondent Katya Adler reports on the rise of the military rabbis, who are changing the face of the Israeli army.

Once proudly secular, its combat units are now filling with those who believe Israel's wars are "God's wars". Read more about that story here.

And as Sir Terry Wogan announces that he is to step down as presenter of BBC Radio 2's breakfast show, we'll be asking Nick Ferrari and Matthew Bannister what Radio 2 is for now Wogan has gone.

Do join Gavin tonight at 10.30pm on BBC Two.

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